Dennis Reboletti

Let’s send a state senator to Springfield who has fought tax increases on working class families, voted against millions in new spending, and knows that enough is enough when it comes to new borrowing schemes every year.  Dennis Reboletti is an independent voice and a fiscal conservative who is committed to our communities and will fight the CHICAGO MACHINE and its desire to take more of your hard earned money.

  • Cutting Waste and Fraud From State Budget: Dennis has let the fight calling for a forensic audit of the state budget to root out fraud, mismanagement and abuse – saving taxpayers upwards of $3 billion.
  • Fighting Taxes and Spending: Dennis has fought the hard working taxpayers of our community by OPPOSING the Chicago Machine’s 67% income tax increase, millions in new spending, billions in borrowing schemes and CTA bailouts.  When is enough, enough?
  • Creating Jobs: Dennis knows Illinois has too  much taxation, litigation and regulation which is destroying the jobs creating sector.  By reducing these mandates, businesses can hire new workers, rebuild our state and turn Illinois into a destination economy.

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