November 2. 2007 Springfield … The efforts of State Representative Dennis Reboletti to have legislation authorizing the payment of millions of dollars in state funding for local schools called for a vote in the Illinois House paid off today. Lawmakers in the Illinois House easily advanced education budget implementation (BIMP) legislation releasing millions of dollars in education funding promised to schools across Illinois.

“Education funding should never be used as a bargaining chip by our Democrat leaders,” Reboletti said. “I’m happy to see that they have finally come to their senses and realized that the people of Illinois will not stand for these childish games.”
On Thursday, House Republicans held a press conference in Springfield calling on Chicago Democrat leaders to allow for a vote on the education BIMP legislation. By Thursday afternoon, the Democrats filed the necessary legislation and agreed to call the bill for a vote on Friday.

“It is vital that the Senate & Governor move quickly on this legislation. If this bill is not signed by the Governor in a timely manner, our school districts will start to lose education dollars on Nov. 10th,” Reboletti said. “This legislation has been one of my top priorities since the passage of the budget.”

The bill now advances to the Senate for further consideration. Area schools are expected to receive their next general state aid payment from the state on November 10th.

Additional questions can be directed to Reboletti’s office at (630) 530-2730.

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