April 11, 2008 Springfield … Both the City of Chicago and the National Rifle Association strongly supported State Representative Dennis Reboletti’s legislation which would strengthen penalties for “straw men.” These individuals are responsible for providing guns to be used in the senseless shootings in Chicago and across the state. Police coined the term “straw men” for individuals who legally purchase guns for the sole purpose of either selling or giving these weapons to other individuals for criminal use.

“Chicago and other communities around the state have seen too many children killed on the street due to gun violence. Most of these guns are coming from out of state, and these straw men are solely responsible for guns landing in the hands of these criminals. We need stronger penalties to get these straw men off the street and more importantly, send a strong message to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a weapon for criminal use,” Reboletti said.

Reboletti stated that House Bill 5524 would increase the penalty to a Class 2 felony which is 3-7 years incarceration for the unlawful purchase of one firearm; a Class 1 felony for the purchase of 2 to 5 firearms and a Class X felony with a term of imprisonment of not less than 9 years for the purchase of 6 or more firearms at the same time.
“This legislation is intended to stop the illegal flow of guns to criminals. My hope is that this will be the first step in stopping the senseless shootings,” said Reboletti.

This bill now advances to the Senate for consideration. Additional questions can be directed to Reboletti’s office at (630) 530-2730.

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