April 10, 2008 Springfield … State Representative Dennis Reboletti (R-Elmhurst) opposes Democrats attempt to increase income tax on some local families and small businesses.

“The political games that are taking place in Springfield are detrimental to doing the job as a representative of the people. We need to solve our current problems of a massive budget shortfall, education funding and property tax relief. Proposing legislation which would increase the state’s income tax does nothing to stop the Democrat’s excessive spending,” Reboletti said. “The Democrats today not only attempted to increase the income tax in this state, but they also blocked our efforts to hold a Committee of the Whole meeting so that we could hear testimony about how this would affect our employers and families.”

HJRCA 42 would increase revenues by $3 billion. There is no guarantee that any of this revenue would come back to provide additional funding for local schools or repair roads in the 46th district. The revenue from this tax would also not be used to address the $1.7 billion Medicaid backlog, provide property tax relief or maintain and improve our state’s local roads and infrastructure.

“We need to stop being the cheerleader for the Wisconsin and Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Why do we keep raising taxes on employers in this state? Last year, it was the $7 billion gross receipts tax on employers and this year it’s an income tax for small businesses that serve as the foundation for many communities across this state. The economy is headed towards recession, and it’s about time that we put together a package to promote the growth of jobs in this state and not drive employers away,” said Rep. Reboletti.

Additional questions can be directed to Reboletti’s office at (630) 530-2730.

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